Slimming and Dietetics

✅ Our 7-day slimming method has proven its worth, with over 3 million methods sold since 1999. Recognized results. ✅ A 29 Kcal dietary soup with only the good taste of our grandmothers' vegetable soup, high in fibre, high in protein, low in sugar, fat-free, contains half as much sugar and fat as a normal vegetable soup. ✅ Results, your body will naturally tap into its reserves and you lose weight and inches. ✅ As part of a slimming program like cabbage soup that includes ✅ An attack phase for massive and rapid weight loss. ✅ A stabilization phase to keep the gains. ✅ A phase of immediate correction of kilos taken during a holiday meal. ✅ A phase of return to a normal diet