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Method 7 SLIMCOOK my home nutritionist. I cook what I like and lose weight

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Innovation Minceur exclusively available on our site, an opportunity to seize and the privilege of a preview with all its advantages :

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Take back the power and control of your diet to solve the most everyday of your problems: cooking.
It's simple, fast, easy and efficient.
Nature's miracle is when Nature is on the plate, so weight loss is there.
Méthode 7® SLIMCOOK is your home nutritionist.



Innovation Méthode 7® Slimcook . My home nutritionist.

SLIMCOOK Innovation is the gentle cooking technique that we have created and developed to enhance the flavours and taste of all your recipes.

Cooking that preserves the nutritional qualities, vitamins and minerals of all foods. You will be amazed to succeed in a single gesture in healthy and good dishes, which keep all their flavor.

And the weight loss is there. 

Weight loss and the pleasure of eating is now possible with Méthode 7® and its Slimcook function.
Simple, fast, effective every day.

The vegetables are perfectly cooked, they stay whole, keep their identity and flavour.

As for the red mullet, it is as sexy as ever. 

A colourful plate, cooked and prepared like by a great chef, that awakens all the senses.

Not to mention the good smell! It's home-cooked, with the food you've chosen.

Taste this balance of flavours, with its tasty cooking juice as you wish. 

With Méthode 7® lose weight by cooking 100% slimming, 100% flavour, 100% pleasure. 

A real solution to avoid having to turn to slimming meals ready. Why? Why?
It's easy, but it's expensive.
It's simple but you can't choose what you eat.
It's convenient, but you didn't prepare it.
It's functional but you really don't have the composition of the dish you bought.
You can't share and you cut yourself from your favorite foods.

Méthode 7® helps you solve your most everyday problem: cooking.


Take back the power and control of your diet and at the same time revolutionize your weight loss program and your inches with your homemade meals, to eat well and eat to your hunger the foods you love. 

Results, you promote the coverage of your needs in vitamins, trace elements, protein and essential nutrients, and sufficient carbohydrate intake to avoid putting your body in pain and avoid deficiencies.

The interest of Méthode 7® lies in a balanced diet whose caloric intake is controlled thanks to the SLIMCOK function in order to encourage the body to draw on its reserves to dislodge stored fats. 

All specialists say it, for a healthy diet you have to eat everything, which contributes to successful weight loss and sustainable weight control. 


With the same shopping list, you cook 1 dish for the whole family.
And you add starch for people who don't diet.
ALL IN 1 dishes, start cooking, go about your business, and enjoy doing something else.
That's great. Good cooking.
Leftovers? It's better warmed up. 


You save on food, cooking time, electricity, products and cleaning time.


SLIMCOOK is guaranteed 2 years, and can cook with it every day for at least 10 years, so it costs you less than 2 euros per month.

Plus you save space, your kitchen is always clean," and while SLIMCOOK takes care of us, I take care of myself.


Very solid and yet very light, SLIMCOOK is nomadic and can be taken on holiday, camping or in a student room...
At the end of cooking it keeps warm.
It does not take up space.
The lid has a handle to carry it, "I take it and put it directly on the table to serve". 


► SLIMCOOK is all-in-one nutrition: it is dietetic, slimming, simple, fast, effective.
► And especially economic! 1 slimming meal is about 2 euros," and I can refill! »
► And weight loss is there.


. Also used outside the weight loss diet, it is a multifunctional cooker to cook every day for the whole family.
. The cooking vessel has a non-stick coating.
. No noise, no moving parts.
. No splashes.
. No assembly or disassembly, only one container to wash.
. Easy to clean, dishwasher safe.
. A large capacity 4 liters.
. Lightweight, 2.4 kg. 


"You're going to love cooking and slimming down, let yourself be guided! » 


Contents of the package : 
1 NutriCooker with user manual, 1 Method booklet with recipes, 1 measuring glass, 2 serving spoons.

Carton dimensions: 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm


The SlimCook Method7 booklet
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Characteristics of the device : 
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Warranty of the device: 
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