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Anti cellulite, drainage, firmness
Lose up to - 4.3 cm in 7 days,
Clinically proven

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The secret of  the effectiveness of this body slimming gel is in its formula which contains 6 slimming active ingredients including patented plant extract PLEURIMINCYL®.

PLEURIMINCYL contains BUPLEURUM extracted from a Chinese medicinal plant that, together with CAFEINE, activates PROTEIN G naturally present in our body and accelerates the "BURNER-GREASE" activity.

  • PLEURIMINCYL® is a patented plant
  • PROTEIN G was the subject of the NOBEL MEDICINE award

Does not stick, stain, allows to dress immediately.

Cellulite and "orange peel" are an injustice that affects 90% of women including top athletes.

How it works ?

PLEURIMINCYL® promotes lipolysis by activation of protein G, which is the signal transmitter of destruction in the adipose cell.

Protein G was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1994 and research has shown that activated G protein accelerates the "fat-burning" action by dissociating adipocytes, fat cells from our body.

Slimming Body Gel, thanks to its "fat-burning" action:

  • Reduces cellulite
  • Locally removes greasy clumps
  • Fast and long-lasting
  • Refine the silhouette
  • Firmens the skin.