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methode7 by annedelona

METHODE7® ENERGY helps to reduce joint and muscle pain, lifetime and immediate effectiveness

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► Stop joint and muscle pain and its consequences.

► From the 3rd day up to 80% of even old problems and pains tend to disappear.

► Guaranteed Satisfied or Refunded.

► In contact with the body, our Scarf naturally creates a radiant energy that is transmitted throughout the body thanks to its high-tech textile fibre in which we have integrated and enhanced rare and noble minerals and metals.

► Resistant, without chemical impregnation, without contraindication, without addiction, without risk of doping for athletes, we have given it the shape of an elegant scarf that can be worn easily and permanently in a scarf around the neck, under the clothing.


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► Lifetime and immediate effectiveness

► Helps to reduce joint & muscle pain

Last forever, without chemical impregnation

We have given it the shape of an elegant scarf that can be worn easily and permanently around the neck, under the clothes



Joint discomfort, stiffness, swelling, muscle pain, are reduced thanks to a unisex scarf. No more capsules and other substances. This efficiency is reached through a process of mineral treatment of the fibre. We directly enhance and integrate several rare fossil minerals extracted from nature.


  • Effective from DAY 1,
  • comfort and well-being tend to be felt from the DAY 2
  • 80% of the symptoms tend to disappear from DAY 3


METHODE7® FABRIC is practical, efficient and money-saving. No contraindications and no side effects known.



In contact with the body, our scarf creates infrared radiation that transmits its energy throughout the body. We have integrated and enhanced rare minerals and metals into its textile fibre. It tends to break the bonds with free radicals and ensures that our body’s water molecules are improved to assist cell functioning:

  • Helps to strengthen and consolidate the body's proper functioning.
  • Helps to prevent inflammatory processes and overcome pain and its consequences.
  • Promotes the supply of oxygen, which is beneficial to skin microcirculation and helps to stimulate the peripheral vessels

Everyone knows that when one of your body parts is painful, you tend to use it less which makes it even more fragile. For instance, the knee on which you no longer dare to lean to walk.
So you use random pain relief creams, drinks or magic pills but the pain is still here and it costs a lot of money



By reducing inflammation, pain is reduced, nervous tension is cut down, which contributes to the well-being of the human body with the following results:

  • Ideal against neck ,shoulder, arm, hip, leg, knee and hand pain
  • Tend to soothe joint pain to restore and preserve mobility
  • Tend to relax and improve muscle well-being for a better leg tone
  • Promotes mobility and relieves muscle soreness and overheating
  • Promotes a good night's sleep and therefore a better tone and more vitality during the day
  • Improve fitness performance as well as recovery after exercise
  • Cosmetics and food supplements: Methode7 Energy helps to strengthen the action of their active ingredients and consolidates their beneficial effects


Men and Women. There is no age to feel good!




1 Methode7® Energy Scarf, size 10x130 cm (7.9x51.1 in), 1 brochure.

All in a tear-proof postal sachet, size: 17.5x24.5x0.5 cm (6.9x9.6x0.2 in) - weight: 45g (1.59 oz)




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Data sheet

Textile polyester et élastane.
Foulard unisexe, taille 10 cm X 130 cm, sous sachet PE avec brochure.
lavable à la main uniquement et seul. A température modérée. Ne pas mettre en sèche linge. Se repasse au fer doux avec une patte mouille.
en NOIR exclusivement pour le moment, une couleur qui se marie avec tout.
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