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How can I properly store vegetables ?

The way you store vegetables is an essential element to keep them well and avoid food waste.
Refrigerator, freezer or basket, here are our tips to keep them fresh.

In a cool, dry and dark place
Potatoes and other tubers, garlic and onion and cucurbits such as pumpkin, are optimally preserved in a dry, dark and fresh place. The light gives a greenish color and a bitter taste to potatoes and the heat makes them germinate.

How can I store my vegetables in the refrigerator?
You can store the vegetables you want to consume during the week in the refrigerator basket (except those mentioned above). The temperatures are between 8 and 10 ° C and allow a slow maturation of the product. We must avoid mixing them and do not wash them, it makes them ripen faster. Mushrooms and asparagus should be placed in absorbent paper.

Is the freezer a good idea?
Can all vegetables be frozen? Yes ! It is a method that will keep them in perfect condition for up to ten months. Most, of them such as aubergine, zucchini or potatoes need to be plunged in boiling water a few minutes before being put in cold water. Do not forget to dry them with a cloth or absorbent paper and put them in a freezer bag before storing them.
Advantage: it is not necessary to defrost them before cooking.

Did you know ?
Fruits should not be placed next to the vegetables. Some of them like the pear or apple release ethylene, a substance that makes them ripen faster. It also gives them a taste of bitterness.
The case of tomatoes: refrigerator or free air? They can be stored in the refrigerator to preserve them longer. They will keep their taste in the open air. One solution: do not buy them in excessive quantities, even if you go back once or twice a week to the supermarket! Less buy is also less waste.