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Lose weight from day one with this low-calorie weight loss method, high in fibre, high in protein, low in sugars, fat-free clinically tested method 

Delicious cabbage soup and slimming method allows you to lose weight quickly, without deficiency, without frustration.  You share your meals with the whole family

3 phases to gain weight loss. ► Attack phase :You start to lose weight from the first day by eating your fill. ►Stabilization phase : You consolidate the results and keep your gains in weight loss ► Exit phase: You gradually reintroduce the slow sugars (starch, etc.).

Eat your fill  by consuming half as many calories per day as normal nutritional needs, so the body draws in its fat reserves.

Renewable method according to your weight loss goal




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The Cabbage and Vegetable Diet Soup is inspired by the famous fat burning cabbage soup of our grandmothers and helps you to follow the dietetic and hypocaloric program of our 7 Day Weight Loss Method.

It is a reference Anne Delona and already 18 years of success.

It is an instant soup of 29 Kcal with 60% vegetables and gluten free, high in fiber, high in protein, low in sugars, fat free, it means that it contains 2 times less sugar and fat than a normal soup or soup, and is intended for the low-calorie diet for weight loss of our 7 Day Weight Loss Method.

The 7 Day Weight Loss Method is a 7 day weight loss program, renewable as needed, which provides about 2 times fewer calories than normal nutritional needs each day, and so the body will draw on its reserves, so we lose weight while eating to its hunger. 

The soup’s vitamin content is certified, rich in fiber, depleted in carbohydrates and lipids, it means that it contains twice less sugar and fat than a regular soup.

The method brings about twice fewer calories per day than normal nutritional requirements, and so the body will draw into its reserves.

Result: We can lose weight and eat properly.


Two phases: 

► A starting phase, the “7 day weight loss method” Our method is based on the principle of the "traditional cabbage soup over 7 days in a row", a method to be followed scrupulously, that is to say the daily intake of 2 soups and a different combination of foods chosen for their specific intakes of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

► Followed by a “14 day stabilization phase” to allow you to keep your line This stabilization phase includes the daily intake of 2 soups and 14 days of recipes suggested which allow to eat everything, excluding the sugars. The average caloric objective is 1200 Kcal per day.


The 7-day Starting phase 

The starting phase to lose weight and stay in shape.

OBJECTIVE: Lose weight and get a refined line by following the starting phase.

DAY 1: 4 soups. Fruits as desired.

DAY 2: 4 soups. Vegetables as desired.

DAY 3: 4 soups. Vegetables and fruits as desired.

DAY 4: 4 soups. Bananas, skim milk as desired.

DAY 5: 4 soups. Lean meat and tomatoes as desired.

DAY 6: 4 soups. Lean meat or white fish and vegetables as desired.

DAY 7: 4 soups. Vegetables and whole rice as desired. White fish.

This starting phase is based on the daily intake of 2 soups and a different combination of foods chosen for their specific intakes of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Daily physical exercises and maintenance of adequate fluid intake is essential.

Still have some weight to lose You can renew the starting phase twice, 3 weeks of starting phase maximum..


14 day Stabilisation Phase

Stabilisation phase that allows you to eat what you want. Always needs to be done after the 7 day starting phase

OBJECTIVE : stay thin for a lasting period of time and preserve your results.

This stabilization phase includes 14 days of recipes suggested which allow to eat everything, excluding the sugars. The average caloric objective is 1200 Kcal per day.

►It focuses on foods high in protein and low in calories (lean meat, poultry, fish) that you can eat at will at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
►Vegetables bring vitamins, trace elements, fiber, but also taste and variety to your meals. 
►Oil brings essential fatty acids and pleasure. Varying oils (olives, rapeseed, peanut, walnuts ...) to vary the pleasures. 
►The only carbohydrate intake (sugar) will be covered by fruits, vegetables and dairy products. 
►Do not forget to maintain daily physical exercises and adequate fluid intake.

Astuce : During this phase, you can boost its effect and control your weight by taking 2 soups daily, 1 before lunch and 1 before dinner.


End of the weight loss method :

Gradually reintroduce foods with a low glycemic index:

►breakfast: wholemeal bread, spelled or sourdough;

►lunch: carbohydrates (pasta cooked all 'dente, potatoes ...);

►dinner: legumes (lentils, beans, semolina ...)

►practice exercises and maintain sufficient daily fluid intake

Important : the starting phase always must be followed by the stabilisation phase. For instance: if you do 2 starting phase in a row, you must follow with the stabilization phase for 28 days, in other words 2x 14 days.

 Didn’t stick to the method ?

Family meal, gastronomic weekend .... Fix the weight gained by doing 3 days in a row the starting phase, ie follow the first 3 days. 


Ingredient : 

Vegetables (60%), potato, cabbage (6%), onion, leek, carrot, tomato, (CELERI), SOJA proteins, salt, thickener (guar gum), spices and aromatic plants (parsley, garlic) Yeast extract, chitosan (CRUSTACEAN), green tea extract and green coffee extract. Contains CELERI, SOY, CRUSTACEAN


The weight loss is not guaranteed and may vary depending on the person.
For your health, maintain a regular physical activity

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Contains celery, soya, crustaceans.
How to eat the soup
Mix 1 dose of 0,35 ounce (10g) of preparation with 6,7oz (20cl) of water, stir well and heat in the microwave oven, it's ready.
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1 bag of 10.58 ounce (300g) of DIET POTAGE for 7 days of use, 28 doses of 0,35 ounce (10g) instant soup, 1 can container, 1 dose spoon, 1 METHOD BOOK
soup conservation
24 months in its original bag, in a dry place at room temperature. To keep all its functional and nutritional qualities, the soup must be consumed within 3 months of its first opening.